​​​April 22, 2017

Cross Creek HOA election results

82 Ballots were returned, two of those where returned to sender as homeowners had moved and no new address had been given to the HOA.  Therefore only 80 ballots were available for counting.  

All candidates received more than one vote: therefore all were elected to office of the Cross Creek Board of Directors for 2017- 2018: Charles Johnson received the highest vote count with 54 followed by Laura Rivenbark, Dee Eyink and  Katie Windham tied with 49 votes and John Conners receoved 38 of the 80 votes cast.  Congratulations to the new Board on your election the transition meeting will take place at the May meeting.

On the change to the covenant vote requesting to allow Chickens and defining their restriction: not enough votes were cast to change the rules.  105 votes in favor of the change were needed at the time the ballots were sent out, twelve (12) ballots were returned with payments to increase that number needed to pass the change to one hundred and Thirteen (113).  Again only 80 ballots were returned.  38 in favor of change and 28 against the change.  Only 66 of the 80 ballots cast voted on this covenant change, with 113 affirmative votes need for the change to take place.  The amendment to the Cross Creek HOA covenants failed.  No chickens, or fowl shall be permitted within the Cross Creek HOA. 

We would like to thank all that participated in the vote this year and we encourage all eligible members of our association to participate in the future.

February 25th, 2017

The annual meeting has been set for Sunday, March 26th, 2017 at the Hampstead Women's Club  (http://hampsteadwomensclub.org/) located at 14435 US-17, Hampstead, NC 28443 from 2pm to 5pm.

According to our by-laws, the annual meeting is supposed to take place on March 1st at 1pm, however, due to scheduling conflicts with the venue we were unable to set the meeting at that date and time.  As required, on Wednesday March 1st at 1pm,  the board will call a meeting at the Cross Creek soccer field where a continuation of the meeting will be set to March 26th at 2pm.  Members of the association are welcome to meet with the board at the soccer field on March 1st at 1pm to discuss any agenda items they would like discussed at the annual meeting.

In order to set an agenda and keep the meeting on track,  we ask that if there are particular topics you would like to discuss at the annual meeting, please notify the board via the website by clicking here,  or by mail to CCHOA, P.O. Box 1147, Hampstead, NC, 28443 prior to the annual meeting.

A mailing will also be going out the week of February 27th with the annual meeting information as well as information on how to submit your name if you would like to volunteer to run for the board.

Thank you

October 31, 2016

       The Board has received several requests for an extension to remove fowl. The requests have been considered and the Board has agreed to  
begin fines November 1st as stated in the prior extension, however, if the fowl are removed , and notice given to the board for inspection prior to November 30, 2016, the fines for fowl on the property will be rescinded.  If removal and/or notice is not communicated to the board as directed within the month of November 2016, no consideration of any fine adjustment or removal of fines will be made. 

October 25, 2016 - Petition for a Special Meeting

The Board is following the recommendation from our attorney and no special meeting will be called at this time.  The attorney's response can be viewed by clicking here.


Please take note that because of Hurricane Mathew we are extending any violation enforcement actions not to take effect until after Oct. 31, 2016. We also will be removing the CCHOA signs at the entrances at 5 PM Friday and those in charge of the petitions should remove them prior to 5PM. Those signs will be replaced on Monday when the petitions may be put back in them. 
This info will be posted to the Cross Creek homeowner's Facebook page and a written notice will be sent out via USPS mail shortly for your records. Please remember the Facebook page is not the official form of communication from and to the HOA Board of Directors.

Please use the official Website for any questions or concerns.

Please stay safe!

September 2016

It has come to the Boards attention that a few members of our HOA have received a mailing for a private social network called Nextdoor.  Please be advised that this is NOT a product that was endorsed or reviewed by your Board of Directors and we advise you to research on your own if you wish to participate.  Our official communications will continue to be through the website and/or via US Mail.

If you have any question, please contact the board via the online submission form by clicking here.

Thank You

May 2016

       Your Board of Directors would like to thank all the members of our homeowners association that took the time to vote on the proposed changes to our covenants and election of new board members. In order for any change to be made to our covenants, we are required to receive at least 66% affirmative votes by eligible homeowners.  Unfortunately, of the 169 eligible homeowners, we only received 105 ballots leaving us short of the minimum requirement. As a result, there will be no changes to our covenants at this time.  We are pleased that over the past three elections we have seen a considerable increase in voting from 63 to 105 homeowners and we received over $2300 in outstanding dues with the election ballots. Please understand these outstanding monies were only from the first billing of the HOA which represented the annual dues of $125 or $175 (horse lots) and not road assessment monies.  Road assessment dues will be required for next voting period as they are due in March 2017.

We are also pleased to announce the following members have received votes to be elected to our Board of Directors: (in no particular order)

  • Jim Schmidt
  • Justin Holland
  • James Smith
  • Diane Eyink

              (We also had a few write-ins which will we be contacting to see if they are willing to participate on our board)

Even though the proposed changes cannot be made, if you are interested in the vote count, please contact the board via the online submission form under the contact us tab.

Again, we want to thank all that participated in the vote this year and we encourage all eligible members of our association to participate in the future in order to implement changes that positively influence our community.

Message from the Board:

Cross Creek Homeowners Association, Inc

President:  Keith Barrett                             Vice President:  John Conners
Treasurer:  Dee Eyink
Member at large:  Laura Rivenbark

Secretary: Katie Windham

Board of Directors